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Quitting Saves Cash!

How much money do you spend on cigarettes a day?

Well, if you spend about $5 a day in cigarettes, you spend about $2,000 a year.

If you quit at age 25, you will have saved about a whopping $50,000 by age 50, according to a cost calculator at smokefree.gov!

Quit now to save money. Get help with Quitxt.

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If you quit vaping, you can save money too!

If you use 1 pod a day, then you would spend about $120 each month and $1,400 each year on just the pods! If you quit vaping for 20 years, you can save $42,000 by age 50.

What could you buy with this money in 1 year? You could buy a laptop, new phone, or go on a vacation!

Quit vaping to save money. Get help from Quitxt.

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