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Quit Smoking Today!

Step 1: Desire to quit smoking. Hey, you're here, nice job!

Step 2: Let Quitxt help you. Quitxt is a free text-messaging program that sends tips, support, and motivational music/videos on your phone to help you stop smoking, from researchers at UT Health San Antonio.

Step 3: Join Quitxt by texting iquit to 844-332-2058!

Quitxt can double your odds of quitting smoking. You will gain back time, live longer, and save money (based on: Jha, et al., 2013, NEJM; Free, et al., 2011, Lancet; Whittaker, et al., 2016, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews).

Remember, get help from Quitxt by texting “iquit” to 844-332-2058!

Quitting Saves Cash!

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Smoking/vaping is way too expensive.

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Quitting = Health Boosts!

You can add years to your life.

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Quit For Loved Ones

Quitting smoking/vaping is a personal (and family) victory.

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