Quit Smoking Start Living
Cancer Prevention Institute of Texas
UT Health San Antonio

Quitting smoking can add 10 YEARS to your life! How can you do it?


Quitxt is a no-cost texting service that turns your phone into a personal quit-smoking coach for four months!

Quitxt texts you interactive support, helpful tips, and encouraging music and videos developed by UT Health San Antonio researchers.

Texts help with motivation to quit, setting a quit date, how to beat cravings, and more.

Text “iquit” to 57682 to double your odds of quitting!

Quitting = $$$$$!

Smoking is expensive.

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Quitting Gives You a “Right Now” Health Boost!

You’ve probably heard that quitting smoking can add years to your life.

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Who Are You Quitting For?

Quitting smoking is an awesome, amazing, fantastic personal victory.

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