Quit Smoking Start Living
Cancer Prevention Institute of Texas
UT Health San Antonio

Quitting smoking can add 10 YEARS to your life! How can you do it?

Step 1: Have the desire to quit smoking. Hey, you're here, nice job!

Step 2: Let Quitxt help you. Quitxt is our free messaging program that sends tips, support, and motivational music/videos on your phone to help you quit smoking, from researchers at UT Health San Antonio.

Step 3: Join Quitxt in one of two ways:

  • Text "iquit" to 844-332-2058
  • Open up Facebook Messenger, search for QuitxtProgram, and hit "Get Started"!

Quitxt will double your odds of quitting smoking for good. You will gain back your time, live longer, and save money.

Remember, get help from Quitxt by texting “iquit” to 844-332-2058 or joining on Facebook Messenger!

Quitting Saves Cash!

money falling on a man on a bench

Smoking is way too expensive.

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Quitting = Health Boosts!

You can add years to your life.

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Quit For Loved Ones

Quitting smoking is a personal (and family) victory.

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